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I have a hairdresser's appointment in an hour. To kill the time, have a meme.

We think we know each other on LJ but often we don't know the most obvious facts! Answer the following 8 questions about you, and tag 8 people.

1. How would you describe your appearance? Height, build, hair color, etc.
I'm 5 ft 2 and weigh approximately 145 pounds, which means I have a normal build, even if I do carry all of my weight on my legs meaning I am somewhat... out of proportion. I have darkblond to lightbrown hair, but dying it many many times has left it with shades of... well, everything, depending on the light. I wear glasses. My clothes are boring with a hint of alternative chic.

2. What's your education situation? Are you studying, or have you finished some study? How were your grades?
I have a MA in Western Culture and Literature, along with a BA in English Language and Literature. I also did a year of teacher's training, and a year of social psychology. Generally speaking I am considered well-educated (not that it shows)

3. Do you live in a big city or a smaller town? Urban or rural?
I live in a small-to-medium sized city (27.000 inhabitants) surrounded by lots of fields and cows and fruit orchards. It's like... being urban in a rural environment. Best of both.

4. What about the climate - hot? Cold?
I'm Dutch, so mostly wet.

5. Do you drive? What transport do you use?
Yes! I drive a 1995 Renault Clio. It's red. It's adorable. It goes vrgwooom if I step on the gas too fast and has the most ridiculous-sounding horn ever.

6. Do you speak any languages other than English?
Well, since my mothertongue is Dutch, I'm gonna say yes :p I also speak German and a little bit of French and Italian.

7. What's your job?
Office drone in the book business. I spend my day getting yelled at by talking to bookstore owners.

8. Married, single, divorced, dating?
Single. Very much so.

Maaannnn my neck is killing me >.
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I was gonna post something completely interesting (and not at all related to my car!), until I realized I couldn't read the screen properly, and then I realized that this was because there is squiggly line trembling in my eyesight. Which means I'm having an eye migraine attack.

Well. That sucks. And here I'd hoped to get some knitting done tonight *pouts and goes to lie down until it goes away*
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I've bought a car.

more )

It's a Renault Clio from 1995. ISN'T IT JUST ADORABLE ♥ I'm seriously in love with it. I've named it Brik. And I bought a special doggy seatbelt so Stevie can sit safely in the back-seat.

I haven't driven it yet though because as I woke up this morning there was FUCKING SNOW EVERYWHERE. Damnit. So I'm waiting for it to melt away so I can drive without having to worry about sliding into stuff. By this rate I'll be able to drive in August *sigh* fucking winter.
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Today I learned to duplicate stitch. How's that for a productive fucking Saturday, bitches. I also watched Sherlock Holmes (while practising said duplicate stitch) and it was fun. The movie itself, as in the storyline and stuff, was actually a little bit shit, but there was so much gay thrown around that it made it worth it. Oh Jude Law, don't be ashamed, we all want in Robert Downey Jr's pants.

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Happy new year, everyone. I'll refrain from ranting bitterly about how much I hate new year's eve and just mention that my cat is lovely.

2009 was overall sort of blah, so I hope 2010 will be better. I hope I'll find a house of my own, at least, and I will be spending a few weeks in Italy in the summer which will be wonderful too :)

I'm off to dry my hair and start my 365 project. Forgetting the first day would be kind of stupid, and all :p
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So it's snowing. This is pretty unusual - the Dutch climate doesn't lend itself to white Christmasses and thick layers of snow. We tend to get a little bit of snow in the winter, but rarely more than an inch, and usually the kind of snow that disappears within a day.

So that I had to plough through about two feet of snow to work today? Unusual. And a really new experience. The last time it snowed like this was around 1985, so needless to say I don't remember. I've never in my *life* been able to jump into a pile of snow and watch my feet disappear into it. It's awesome.

Obviously it's also non-awesome in the way that our entire infrastructure is soooo not built for this so the whole country is currently sort of on its ass. And I had to walk to work. THAT'S ALMOST AN HOUR. IN TWO FEET OF SNOW. WHAT.

Anyway picture time.

Our backyard. Yes, our backyard is that tiny, stfu. Look at the layer of snow on the table, holy crap. This was taking yesterday around lunchtime, when it was still snowing, and it's snowed a lot more since, so now there's about twice as much. The pots have almost entirely disappeared by now.

a few pics of the puppy and the fat cat in the snow )

I have NO idea how I'm going to get to work tomorrow. Will probably have to walk again *cringe* My father can't even drive me, because our car is literally snowed in o_O
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Waiting for next week is going to KILL me. FOR SERIOUS.
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Can anyone recommend me nice online clothing/accessory stores that have nice (and preferably alternative) clothing for affordable prices and which ships to my country? I see all these people ordering awesome stuff everywhere but for some reason I fail at finding these things for myself (story of my life!)

(though I'm not from Mars so I do know what Etsy is :p)

I've become a bit bored with my wardrobe.
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Holy shit, my country just won the Junior Eurovision Songfestival. The last time we won Eurovision was THIRTYFOUR YEARS ago. I was watching the show and when we won I was all '... wait? did we win? is that even possible? We never win' o_O

And for the record, we won with a song about tapdancing, so, you know, extra added joy. Hurray!

Oh Ralf darling, you had me at 'click clack'.

(just for the record, I think the adult's version of Eurovision is an atrocity and should be boycotted. The kids' version, though, is presh. I think the colourful and campy set-up lends itself very well for a kids' show. Not to mention the kids actually *do* sing songs they wrote themselves, and actually *do* sing in their own language, which the adults do not)
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I'm having a problem when watching video files on my computer - the image keeps popping out of full-screen view o_O I'm watching a video file with Windows Media Player (happens with all files, not just one) which I put on full-screen. Then about every 20 to 30 minutes or so, it pops back to the original size (so that's a small window). I don't know what causes it, so I don't know how to fix it o_O

The only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with AVG Anti-virus, which I updated yesterday to the new version (9.0). But can a virusscanner do this? o_O And how do I stop it from happening without having to uninstall my virusscanner and opening my computer up to all sorts of hazards? >.<

It's hideous, because now I basically can't watch anything on my computer without having to get up every half hour to put it back to fullscreen. Extremely obnoxious, obviously.
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Heyyy, I'm 26. How... odd. I'd intended to update yesterday in a 'yay it's my birthday!' sort of fashion, but I just sort of didn't.

I had a nice birthday :) there was cake and balloons and presents and that's kind of all you need, isn't it? My parents gave me the Addi Click set, which is really expensive and really fancy set of circular knitting needles ♥ I also got a gift certificate for a hot stone massage and for a full treatment at a beautician. I predict a very relaxed and a very clean-looking Lin.

I also got a heap of birthday cards - thank you [ profile] bohemiangeek, [ profile] enchantingheart and [ profile] watery_tart! I felt so spoiled ^__^

Apart from my birthday I got some hugely hopeful news regarding my dream house (remember that one? At the harbour?). I don't want to say too much, because I don't want to jinx it and because, well, I don't want to get my hopes up *too* high, but it does seem like the race isn't over yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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I was cycling to my photography course, and I cycle past the church. I saw this bat flopping wildly around one of the street lanterns, and was like, wtf bat, why so aimless? WHEN IT DIVES STRAIGHT AT ME AND HITS ME IN THE SHOULDER.

Of course my initial response was 'omg, poor ickle mister bat, are you okay?!' but the little bugger was already happily flapping at the other end of the alley.


I swear, I'm the only person on the whole fucking planet who has this kind of absurdist bullshit happen to them. I GET FLOWN INTO BY BATS.
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Yuck, I feel ugly today. Not looking my best, either. My face is kind of puffy and blotchy and I have massive circles under my eyes, even though I slept like a baby. I wonder if I'm coming down with something.

Anyway I don't care, because my copy of the Gogol Bordello, live from Axis Mundi arrived 4 whole days early ♥ (it's not supposed to be out until the 6th!).

Sometimes I sit and think, why do I love this band so much? And then I see them live and I remember. Nothing I ever felt, felt quite like this before. Case in point:

That's a tiny dancer girl (her name is Pamela Racine), surfing a bass-drum over the crowd. The crowd is full of smiling faces (they keep showing these shots of happy people in the pit). The trust she has in the crowd, to throw her drum into them, and jump of top of it, and stand there, is staggering. I've been to their shows 5 times now, and there's a massive feeling of connection, connection to the crowd, connection to the band. There are people up on that stage who are doing something not because they want fame, not because they want money, but because they love what they do and just want to share it with people. At some point during the dvd, Eugene climbs up on the balcony and does a song standing there hugging like three people at once. That's Gogol Bordello. That's why I love this band.

(I have also, by the way, seen the drum-surf live. It's the most amazing thing I have seen anyone do, ever, and I actually cried when she did it XD)
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I was cleaning up a drawer (I was bored) and I found some reports I wrote during primary school (roughly years 5 through 8). Some quotes from my young academic self:

"Helaas heb ik hier niet zoveel informatie over, omdat er in de meeste boeken niet over is geschreven, dus moet ik nu stoppen."
"Unfortunately I don't have a lot of information about this, because it's not written about in most books, so I have to stop now."
- on the mysterious demise of the dinosaurs, from a report on prehistoric animals from year 8. Greatest way to end a chapter EVER.

"Hij is ook heel intilligent en sterk"
"He is also very intilligent and strong."
- from a report on horses from year 7. Intilligent, huh?

"Ik heb dit onderwerp gekozen, omdat ik een slang een interessant dier vind en ik er graag meer over wou weten. Ik ben er wat meer over te weten gekomen."
"I chose this subject, because I think a snake is an interesting animal and I wanted to know more about it. I got to know more about it."
- from a report on snakes from year 6. 10 years old and already this deadpan!

"prehistoriese dieren"
"prehistoriek animals"
- from a report on prehistoric animals from year 5. I was 9 and prehistoric is a *tough* word, allright. I should also add that it's written on the cover in green crayon.

"Ik heb dit onderwerp gekozen omdat ik het leuk vind en ik vind het belangrijk dat je veel over miljoenen jaren geleden weet en ik wil er graag wat meer van weten. Dit was mijn voorwoord."
"I chose this subject because I like it and I think it's important to know a lot about millions of years ago and I want to know more about it. This was my foreword."
- from the same report on prehistoric animals from year 5. Why thank you, young Einstein.

"Er zijn nog meer voorouders maar die ken ik niet."
"There are more ancestors but I don't know them."
- from the same report on prehistoric animals from year 5. Believe it not but I scored an 8,5 out of 10 for this report!

"130 miljoen jaar hebben de dinosaurussen de aarde bevolkt. Het is een raadsel hoe ze verdwenen zijn. Een botsing van de aarde met de komeetkern? De honger van de zoogdieren die alle eieren verslonden zuden hebben? Of een vulkanische ramp? Niemand weet het precies. Ik zeg maar zo weg is weg."
"130 millions years the dinosaurs populated the earth. It is a mystery how they disappeared. A collision of the earth with the comet core? The hunger of the mammals who would have devoured all the eggs? Or a vulcanic disaster? Nobody knows exactly. I always say gone is gone."
- from a report on prehistoric animals from year 5. 9 year old me is pretty down to earth, huh? Plus bonus points for using the term 'devoured'.

Can you fucking believe I actually managed to get a Master's Degree later on in life?
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The examination guy said 'I'd like to congratulate you!' and my response was pretty much 'bzwuh?'. Oh my god I'm so freaking happy \^_^/
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Uh, whoa. It appears that [ profile] plagosus has passed away this week. I'd known him for years, he's the one who once dubbed me 'Significantly Bizarre' and it stuck so now it's my subtitle everywhere that requires a subtitle. Just. Damn. Rest in peace Mike.
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Man I can't seem to get Nova off my lap tonight. All night he was sleeping on my lap, I go upstairs to surf the webs a bit, he follows and plonks himself right back on. I FEEL SO LOVED YOU GUYS.

Anyhow. Today I was domestic. I did the groceries. I did laundry. I cleaned the litterbox (though it was EMPTY as my stupid cat holds in his stuff the whole day, until I let him outside in the evening after work and he goes to empty his bowels in our neighbour's garden. This is why people don't like us, folks). I cooked dinner, though I had a bit of a fuck-up where I burned the potatoes I was boiling, and when I rushed to get the pot off the fire I grabbed just under the potholder so other than burned potatoes I also have a burned thumb. Ouch.

Though even with the burned thumb I finished knitting a sock (because I'm a TROOPER, y'all) and did the dishes (TROOPER) and cleaned out half my closet (TROOPER!). Tomorrow I clean the rest of the house and the other half of my closet.

Now to see if I can peel the cat off my lap so I can go to bed. I almost feel bad for him.
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I bought a mosquito net. I hate those things, I think they're tacky, and people always describe them as 'romantic' which they're not (unless you find cliches romantic) and the stupid things are always in the way, but they're better than being eaten alive.

So when I went to hang it up I figured it was a good idea to clean under my bed, so I did. I found some old computer junk under there which I threw out, but I didn't think throwing old harddrives randomly into the trash was a good idea so I decided to get rid of some frustration by smashing them to bits with a sledge hammer first. That was fun.

I also went to the Hema and they have this new assortment of 'pimp your junk' stuff, and I bought a set of metal star-shaped studs that I just put on my bag. They're pretty neat! I still have some leftover, considering putting them on my Chucks.

Off to hang in front of the tv and knit. My favourite way of spending my saturday night ♥
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Well this is no fair. I'm exhausted, when I went to bed last night I could barely stand up, then it turns out I'm SO tired I can't even fall asleep (you know that feeling? When you're so tired you're just too uncomfortable to relax?), and then after I finally do I wake up before 8 am and can't even manage to snooze a little any more and end up staring at the ceiling.

Well fuck. And my neck still hurts, damnit.


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